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"Friends told me stage and screen technique were a lot different. I had to experiment until I discovered they weren’t. Learning this and overcoming camera fright were my biggest problems. At first I would ‘blow’ my lines — and what a humiliation! Me, a stage actor who had memorized whole scripts, forgetting a few sentences! It was nothing more than being scared stiff. When they are ready for a ‘take,’ you can hear a pin drop on the sound stage — it’s the dead silence that gets you." — James Stewart talking about his early days working in motion pictures.

Photographer: Laszlo Willinger in 1939.


"It’s a strange phenomenon; I’m getting mash notes from 12-and 14-year-olds." — Gene Kelly in 1976.

"The kids get a crush on you, and they don’t accept that you’re old enough to be their grandfather, or older. They see you in your numbers and think you haven’t gotten any older." — Fred Astaire in 1976.

Dames (1934)

"In the silents I played villains. When the talkies came along, my voice seemed to fit the more polished, sophisticated roles, since I had been trained on the stage. That’s how it all began." — William Powell

"Much has been given me in this life, and much has been taken away. For that reason I am more or less a fatalist." — Carole Lombard 

Source: Hollywood Magazine, February 1935.

A prop painting of Marian Marsh created by Warner Bros. for the film Svengali (1931). The painting was later given to Marsh, who kept it until her death in 2006.

The painting is 28 x 36 inches unframed and sold for over $2500 at auction.

"They called me a ‘discovery’ [after appearing in Svengali in 1931], when I knew I wasn’t. After all, I had worked in films off and on for two years before that — I was an extra and hoping for the big chance like every other extra since this myth called Hollywood began.

"They said my Trilby was ‘amazing,’ and I knew all the time that I had done nothing that any other girl, who was young and pretty, and who had the same direction and who was surrounded by the same great cast, could not have done….I suppose I was at ‘the top’ for awhile after that. But it was a position which I gained through influences outside me." — Marian Marsh

"He was my shortest leading man, an outspoken Communist and a real sweetheart." — Maureen O’Hara on John Garfield.


Bebe Daniels and Harold Lloyd play seesaw in “Take A Chance” (1918)